• Chef Fabrizio 04:12AM, Mar 17 2012

    I love this idea.  It would work perfectly in an eclectic kitchen with Arts and Crafts and Sicilian influences (odd I know).  How can I get a sample of the stone?  And how durable will it be compared to granite or quartz.  I'd love this in a quartzite, but alas.  This will be perfect

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    06:36PM, Nov 18 2011 The Carnelian gemstone would look stunning and gorgeous as an island accent countertop. For the perimeter counters, I'd use a granite such as Kashmir White, Bianco Antico, or Delicatus. For the backsplash, a sleek and elegant subway tile with dark grout is appropriate. Hope this helps.
  • Khandadashkid 12:06AM, Nov 17 2011 I love this! Two ideas: 1) We have really modern black cabinets in our kitchen and want to use this as our back-splash, but we're having a hard time matching our actual counter tops with it. 2) Using this only on our island, but again we need something for the counter tops and a back-splash... (or maybe use this on our island and as the back-splash??)
    I guess what I'm trying to ask is what counter tops will look good with this, if I don't want to use this to surface my whole kitchen?
  • tkdesign management 11:30AM, Mar 18 2011 Thats awesome. I would like to get a price on the cornelian gem stone per foot.
  • tkdesign management 07:10PM, Mar 17 2011 Can this be lite from below with LED's or maybe you have a preferred method?