- Kinga 05:25PM, Nov 1 2011 If you get lots of natural light, you can definitely go dark like Ubatuba or Green Gold. I probably would stay away from black granites because the space might start to feel too dark. The above pictured stone is also a beautiful choice for your space. A glass tile backsplash is a popular and trendy choice right now. You should pick your tile backsplash based on your granite choice. If you go dark on your countertop, consider going lighter on the backsplash to give your space balance. Check out Anatolia Bliss Spa Linear Mosaic and Anatolia Bliss Bamboo Linear Mosaic backsplash ideas. Let me know what you think!
  • Beachtwo 09:47PM, Oct 31 2011 I Have dark wood floors in the kitchen, new stainless appliances, and med color oak cabinets (not new).  I love the dark granite colors like black or brown and have a good light with several windows.  Currently I have the walls painted a mustard yellow & have accents of gold and red in customs windows toppers.  Do you think the black granite would be too dark with the dark floors if I keep the med color wood cabinets?  Or should I darken the cabinets?  How about glass tiles for backsplash?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    05:29PM, Oct 12 2011 Another option could be Tropical Brown, it's very sharp and elegant. The key is to offset the cabinets nicely without making the design look too stark!
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    06:09PM, Oct 11 2011 Take a look at Santa Cecilia Real, Bismark Brown and Giallo Fiorito http://www.Marmidicarrara.com
    . The above pictured stone would also work well with your cabinets without making your kitchen feel too dark. Another great option is Butterfly Green and Coast Green http://www.Marmidicarrara.com
    . Let me know what you think!
  • Svoffer1 04:54PM, Oct 11 2011 Help, I need a color to contrast with white cabinets in a kitchen that lets in very little light.  Black will be too dark and I'm afraid the lighter colors look washed out.
  • Tabitha 10:12AM, Apr 19 2011 REPLY TO EARLIER MESSAGE: I don't think my builder gave me option of Tropical Brown. My options are: - Santa Cecilia - Amarello Boreal - Venetial Gold - Tan brown Of those four, with a light beige tile, which would look the best?
  • Tabitha 09:06AM, Apr 19 2011 I am having Dark mocha brown cabinets installed in my new home. The tile in the kitchen will be a simple, neutral beige. The tile will also be used as a backsplash. The granite color I was thinking of was amarello boreal, but I worried about it being too dark. What do you think?
  • Catherine Warren 03:22PM, Feb 4 2011 We are staining our cabinets Mahogany. What color granite would you suggest? We have stainless steel appliances.
  • Frank 11:53AM, Jan 15 2011 I have light maple cabinets can you tell me if this is a good selection
  • Robert Hodgson 05:38PM, Jul 21 2010 We are going with Kraftmaid praline maple cabinets. Would amarello boreal be a good contrast in the brown/taupe family or would you suggest another. We both like the taupe family and have decided on our cabinets.
  • maria 08:11AM, Jun 2 2010 how much is this stone per sq ft? My cabinets are installed and are 33 sq ft and total apx 40 sq ft with 4 in back splash.
  • Ellen 08:34PM, May 30 2010 I have maple cabinets, oak hardwood floor and back appliances. How would Amarello Boreal look in my kit chen?
  • Denise 10:04AM, Apr 30 2009 I am installing dark hardwood floors and light cherry cabinets. How would Amarello Boreal look? I've picked lighter slabs but am now rethinking my choice.
  • Dorothy 06:57PM, Apr 17 2009 What do you recommend for a backsplash with this granite? I don't want to use granite and am considering a tile. The other color in my kitchen is a medium sage green. I feel the tile should be a medium color also, so as not to detract the granite, which should be the main focus. Thank you.
  • Carol H 06:40PM, Feb 25 2009 We have honey cabinets and spicy red walls. Would this granite work?
  • Carol K 10:20PM, Oct 12 2008 I am looking for a medium toned granite for a kitchen with white cabinets and gold walls with medium oak floors. Is this too dark? Want to have contrast but minimize appearance of streaks and dirt
  • Dorothy 02:20PM, Oct 9 2008 Would this granite be a good contrast with very light oak cabinets and white appliances, or is there a better choice of granite