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  • Deepak_kakar52 04:49PM, Oct 23 2011 needs 64 sq. feet total for my kitchen counter tops needs pricing included installation
  • Ronald 06:44PM, Nov 22 2010 Looking for granite that looks like marble. WE want the look of marble but heard its too porus for kitchen counters and will stain. We chose light maple cabinets, and want a French look, hence our desire for the marble look. We saw marble with green veins and loved it because it looked different from the classic whihte and grey/ Any suggestions?
  • Davis Karen 12:17PM, Aug 27 2010 Am I correct to assume that all three photos are of the same Ambrosia White? They look so different in ID 863.
  • fany assouline 09:26AM, Mar 2 2010 I wpuld like to know how much you charge per square foot this stone I chose thanks 863 Ambrosia white