- Adrian 05:38PM, Feb 18 2013

Hi, I think that wooden cabinets are easier to restain however we are stone fabricator so it's better to ask cabinet specialist. I attached you pictures with comparison of different coloures of cabinets. For Bianco Romano I would recommend you to go with Mahogany Red Oak (third cabinet). It will work really nice with burgund spots. However Delicatus White stone works with dark cherry cabinet (first cabinet). It's a terrific contrast between cabinets and brownish veins. I hope that will work !

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Adrian
    05:00PM, Feb 11 2013

    Hi. I would recommend you going with the Red Mahogany cabinets and use Off White Glass as a backspalsh to brighten up the space. In the attachment you will find an example of the cabinets and tiles.  The Mahogan cabinets with Bianco Romano countertop and white tiles will give you a great contrast in the kitchen   !

  • annonmd 07:05PM, Feb 5 2013

    Hi! I really love the looks of bianco romano. Any suggestion for cabinet colors and backsplash? I have dark floors.

    I've also attached a picture of the granite slab which hopefully I would be able to get.

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    06:19PM, Jan 25 2013

    Hi Sharon. Yes, I am leaning toward a cherry finish which I think should darker the wood to create a contrast between the light Romano granite and the cabinet. In addition, this stone has occasional wine colored flecks which would be pick-up nicely by the cherry color tones in the cabinetry. Hope this helps!

  • Sharon S Nelson 07:18PM, Jan 21 2013

    I am considering the Blanco Romano for my maple  double Vanity in my bathroom.Would a cherry  or chest nut finish on the maple wood look well with this granite? The walls are a variation of  Carolina blue and the tiles are variable tiles with light brown ,blue, tan nnd yellow.What do you think the color of the wood finish should be?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    05:43PM, Jan 10 2013

    Hi there. Unfortunately we do not know the specific name of the wall color used in the kitchen portfolio examples, we only have information on the countertops that we ourselves installed. In regard to your project, the Bianco Romano is indeed an elegant choice for a beach house. Some other recommendations I can add would be Delicatus, Netuno Bordeaux, River Valley, and Ice White. Hope this helps!

  • Lubes51 12:34AM, Jan 6 2013

    We are redoing our kitchen counter tops - my cabinets are white and the floors are a white/grayish tile. My first choice is this bianco romano granite - though the slab I've seen is more beige than white -still think it would be a nice contrast. I like the kitchen pictured above - can you share what color paint is on the walls or do you have a suggestion. This is a beach house - most other walls white breadboard and beige walls ( might like something just a little different). Putty or a gray color?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:29PM, Dec 7 2012

    Hello. The Bianco Romano featured on this page, with it's subtle pattern would be appropriate against marine colored cabinetry to create that light, elegant, beach themed feel for the kitchen. Another option I recommend to consider is called Netunto Bordeaux as well as Delicatus. Best of luck!

  • Wentothebeach 02:03AM, Dec 4 2012

    My kitchen cabinets are Thomasville Marine and my floor is hardwood stained dark --can you recommend a granite countertop?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    03:24PM, Oct 26 2012

    Hi again Putty. I was actually going to recommend Red Mahogany cabinet wood color as well! (in addition to the cherry and espresso). I think the Mahogany cabinet is also an excellent choice and appropriate for your design set-up to be used for the perimeter (or even throughout the whole kitchen). Go for it! In regard to the backsplash choice, I will attach photos of a few suggestions I have in-mind for you. Since you may have two cabinet colors and it looks like the countertops will have some movement and veining, the backsplash should be on the light and neutral side in my opinion. Take a look at tiles such as a White Carrara Marble Brick Mosaic, or a Subway & Ming Glass Linear Mosaic Blend. For a little more warmth, we also have options such as Tilecrest Eclipse Series Dunes Linear & Glass Stone Blend and Iridescent Art Glass Linear Mosaic Blend. Hope this helps! :-)

  • Putty 06:28PM, Oct 25 2012

    Thank you, anyway what do you think about red mahagony cabinets? If so should I stick to a light backsplash or a dark one? Any suggestion?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:22PM, Oct 25 2012

    Well, for the perimeter cabinets if you want to go darker then I recommend a cherry or espresso colored wood. This will contrast the Bianco Romano nicely and the occasional garnet colored flecks in the granite will pick-up the wood at the same time. For the island, a stark white should be used. Maple or Oak does not really go with the Bianco Romano in this situation. In regard to other countertop choices, take a look at the family relative called Bianco Antico, as well as Delicatus, Ice White, and Snowflakes. Best of luck!

  • Putty 03:13AM, Oct 24 2012

    Hi, so my floor is Maple Rum and I kinda like the Branco Romano granite. What is the best option for the cabinets and the backsplash I should go with? I want something a little dark for the cabinets. Also if I want to do light color cabinet for the island what is the best choice that the granite would work best with both colors of the cabinets. Any suggestion on the granite beside Branco Romano?!? Thank you so much.

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    05:56PM, Oct 23 2012

    Hello. In regard to the granite, it's a good idea to use a warm stone without too much movement such as Astoria or Sunset Ivory for the perimeter Red Mahogany cabinetry (you can also consider a cherry-colored cabinet). This will provide a contrast to the wood and the design will not be overly busy because on the backsplash I assume you want to have the Golden Select Mediterranean Fusion Stone & Glass blend which is a richly colored mosaic. As far as the island, it's also a good idea to contrast the warm golden highlights prominent in the design so far with a darker, elegant granite that will complement the cabinetry. You can also have movement and veining in the island countertop to accentuate this piece as the focal point of the kitchen design. My recommendations for the island are options such as Crema Bordeaux, Brown Alpine, Golden Rock, Jacaranda Wood or Eucalyptus. You could absolutely also go with something less busy for the island, that has consistent pattern such as Monterrey Green, Ubatuba Gold, Imperial Coffee, or Bahia Brown. Hope this helps!

  • Pmheng 03:37AM, Oct 23 2012

    Hi there,

    So I remoldeing my kitchen from U shape to L shape with an island. My first question is my new floor is gonna be Mahagony Rum and the cabinet that we are going to pick is Red Mahagony (just an option, I want something dark. If you have any suggestion plz let's me know too) so what is good for the backsplash ( again I kinda like Golden select Mosaic glass and stone look) and the granite countertop?
    Should I go with the different color for the island so It won't overwarm the space? Thanks for your time.

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Natalia
    05:20PM, Oct 19 2012

    I recommend to visit our Ridgefield Park, NJ facility: http://www.Marmidicarrara.com
     They have the largest selection of stones and many light granite's that should fit your vision. For example, colors such as Kashmir White, the whole family of Colonial's (Colonial Gold, New Colonial Dream, Colonial Cream ect.), White Fantasy, and others. Hope this helps!

  • Ndowney3 04:00PM, Oct 19 2012

    What site do you have slabs with little gold, more gray? I have white cabinets, gray island

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Natalia
    01:57PM, Oct 3 2012

    Hi Laxmi! How can I help you?

  • laxmi 10:30AM, Oct 3 2012


  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Natalia
    01:10PM, Sep 28 2012

    How are you? The Bianco Romano granite is an efficient choice for your two cabinet color combination. A color such as this will contrast the perimeter cherry cabinetry while complementing the light island. The garnet-wine colored occasional flecks in the stone will also pick-up the cherry wood quite nicely. Another granite I recommend you can consider is Milky White and Delicatus. Hope this helps!

  • LouD 07:14PM, Sep 27 2012

    I am remodeling my kitchen and have Cheery cabinets with  a white colored island cabinet.  The room is pretty well lit and was wondering if Bianco Romano might be a good fit.  Have not picked out a floor tile or backsplash.

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    08:55PM, Sep 7 2012

    Hello. The field tile for the bathroom should be soft, neutral, and subtle in color tone and style. Specifically, I have in-mind tiles such as Philadelphia Travertine or Onyx Light Ivory Travertine. I've attached photos for your reference. Good luck!

  • Ons 05:43PM, Sep 3 2012

    I am remodeling my master bathroom and I have installed two 60 inch maple cabinets (his and hers) and topped the cabinets with a gorgeous Bianco Romano granite.  The granite is mostly white with grey veins, splotches of tan and burgundy speckles.  What type/color floor tile and wall tile should I use around my shower and  roman tub surround that would bring out of the granite and not overshadow its beauty.  My master bedroom decor is mostly soft tan with accents of aqua color fabrics. 

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    04:51PM, Aug 15 2012

    Yes, Bianco Romano should go nicely with espresso cabinets. A combination of these two choices will create an efficient contrast between the dark cabinets and light countertops. I recommend to use a travertine floor instead of slate, I've attached a photo. For the backsplash, a subtle mosaic such as Tilecrest Eclipse series Dunes Linear Glass stone blend would be appropriate. I've attached a photo of this as well. Hope this helps!

  • Grosseph 05:54PM, Aug 7 2012

    i am doing bianco romano- has a lot of gold and gray in it. i am doing espresso cabinets- i am scared it doesnt match- i see so much of it with white cabinets- does it go with espresso? also i was thinking of going with a slatey floor. but then i was thinking backspalsh and walls would be gray too... i dont want it to look too gray and cold....any suggestions? i dont want it to look too washed out with cream backsplash... and does cream backsplash go with my gray floors? help :(

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    08:44PM, May 15 2012

    Actually both stones go very well with white cabinets. If you want a sleek, sharp and modern contrast, the Black Pearl is a fine choice. However, if you want a clean and beachy look, the Bianco Antico would go very well. Hope this helps!

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    08:43PM, May 15 2012

    Which one of our facilities has done your template?  Each facility has some similar and some different stones so we definitely need to know which one you went to so we can steer you towards your perfect countertop.

  • Bkost 01:06AM, May 15 2012

    which goes better with white cabinets and light wood floor, bianco antico o black pearl

  • T.C. 12:44AM, May 14 2012

    We really like the bianco romano in the photo with the white island.  Your store has templated our kitchen/bar already, but we are having difficulty making a decision on stone.  Cabinets are cream glazed and floor is american walnut.  We like "veins" as opposed to circular granite patterns.  What can you recommend?  Thanks

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    03:15PM, May 10 2012

    You can certainly use a dark backsplash for contrast and it's an interesting idea. If you're going to go darker, I recommend either Merola Cobble Noce Ceramic Subway tile or Mirabelle Collection peat brown glass tile in a brick pattern. I've attached photos for your reference. 

  • Socks044 11:37AM, May 4 2012

    I have oak cabinets and I am putting in the Bianco Ramano granite.  If I do a tumbled stone subway tile backsplash will it look to light and wash everything out?  I have a cherrywood floor.  I am torn between light and elegant and doing a darker backsplash for contrast.  Thank you for your help.

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    09:44PM, Apr 27 2012

    Since there is plenty going on with two different granite countertop colors, I recommend to use a calm and neutral paint shade such as Benjamin Moore Linen White or Navajo White. In regard to the backsplash, a wonderful compliment to the Bianco Romano granite would be a Palladium travertine stacked mosaic or Crema Marfil tumbled marble from Daltile. Hope this helps in your decision making!

  • Patty21 06:38PM, Apr 23 2012

    I am installing cream colored cabinets with bordeaux island and using bianco romano countertop. We are going to have dark wood floors. What color backsplash and color of walls should i do?
    Thank you!

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    09:35PM, Mar 22 2012

    Well, you can keep a light and elegant backsplash such as the Subway & Ming Glass Mosaic from Somertile Reflections, or you can use some interesting pattern and shades such as an earth tone colored Glass & Stone mosaic strip from South Shore Flooring. I've attached images for your reference.

  • Michsir 04:09AM, Mar 18 2012

    I'm remodeling a kitchen and looking for the right tile back splash design.  Currently, we are looking at a cashmere white granite counter top with a dark cherry cabernet stain.  What would you suggest for a back splash?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    06:43PM, Feb 4 2012 We have Bianco Romano at our Ridgefield Park, NJ and Danbury, CT locations. Some other suggestions with these characteristics that you can consider would be Kashmir White, Ambrosia White, White Springs, and perhaps our popular quartzite called Classic White.
  • Lynne 06:25PM, Feb 1 2012 I'm doing a bathroom vanity and I want granite similar to the look of white marbe with
    limited veins of tan and very little gray.  I have seen Bianco Romano and I love it.
    Do you have it?  Can you suggest another granite that would work for me?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    03:49PM, Jan 26 2012 Another stunning stone for your setup is the Medusa http://www.Marmidicarrara.com

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    08:31PM, Jan 25 2012 Absolutely. Another option that I recommend, these two light, dreamy stones just arrived and they look stunning: 
  • Kimcao1636 06:25AM, Jan 22 2012 Renovating bathroom. I used light walnut travertine tiles for floors and showers and around tub. My vanity cabinetr is white. Will Bianco Romano go as a vanity countertop if I want a light crisp look?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    09:35PM, Dec 21 2011 For a light touch of warmth (since the granite is on the softer, calmer side) you can also consider paint colors such as Benjamin Moore "Linen White". I've attached an image for your reference. Good luck!
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    04:22PM, Dec 20 2011 I’m leaning towards a light grey like Benjamin Moore’s “Paper White” or “Gray Lake”.  I feel it would finish off the design elegantly.
  • Devorah 10:55PM, Dec 18 2011 Thanks for the information. I have another question. What color should I paint the walls. I intend to paint the framework white, but I want to paint the walls a color, Maybe grey, cream or beige. What do you think? I'm open to suggestions, Devorah
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    03:06PM, Dec 16 2011 The Platino is a consistent, speckled pattern while the Romano has subtle veining and movement. Either one will create the crisp, clean, "white kitchen" look you're trying to achieve, it just comes down to which one you find more attractive. Therefore, you should look at the full slabs in-person and bring samples of these options home with you to put against your cabinets in your kitchen in the natural light of the space in question. For the backsplash, I would use a Somer Tile Reflections Subway Ming Glass tile mosaic or something similar, I've attached a picture for your reference. Good luck! :-)
  • Devorah 10:15AM, Dec 15 2011 I have white formica cabinets  in my kitchen which I do not plan to change. I am thinking of using either Bianco Romano or Azul Platino.for the counter tops.  It has been suggested that the former is more flowing and give a clean white look which I  can accessorize with color. The latter would give a better contrast. What do you think? Also should I use the Bianco Romano what would be a good backsplash? I am thanking you in advance.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    08:10PM, Sep 21 2011 Take a look at the "Work Examples" to see how Bianco Romano looks installed. You get a better feel for the stone this way. This color surely gives off a marble-esque vibe and would compliment the combination of your cabinet shades very nicely. Another option could be Bianco Antico, as well as Delicatus.
  • C.C. 10:35PM, Sep 20 2011 I really like this granite and you seem to have it in the store near me (So. Plfd.) I am gutting my kitchen in the next month and have a taupeish gray cabinet with a cream island, and I want something classic and light to brighten things up.  Of course like everyone else I love the Carrera marble but don't want to worry about stains, etc. Would you say that this gives that marble feeling?  And also is the veining a warm gray or cool gray?  Thanks!
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:36PM, Jul 12 2011 We unfortunately don't have information on the paint color used on the wall in the portfolio of the finished kitchen. Your guess is as good as mine.
  • lamamama 01:17PM, Jul 12 2011 Do you know what the paint color is on the wall?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    04:21PM, Jul 8 2011 It really depends on the natural color combinations of your particular delivery of Bianco Romano. Some batches have more creamy undertones, while others are overall much whiter. That is why it is best to pick your slab you will use first for the countertop, before you make final decision on the backsplash, so the correct color mixtures can be used for both aspects to create a nice compliment for the design. Home Depot is really a hit and miss with kitchen renovation. Some people don't have problems with them, while others complaint loudly that they subcontract the project to low skilled workers, and they do not allow enough customization such as picking your own slab to use and how the countertop will be cut on the slab. Hope this helps.
  • Soozmeow 12:28AM, Jul 6 2011 Looked at all the green-tone options you suggested, but I think I like the Bianco Romano the best and I'm feeling much better about the burgundy running through it after looking more at the photos with the white cabinets, white subway tile backsplash, and the floor that looks much like our neutral-beige-tanish terrazo tile, I'm thinking thats the way to go - and forget about the multicolored subway tile which is too busy.  I like the clean look of the white subway tile, but I also like the idea of some occasional glass tiles in a greenish gray tone to accent the white subway tile backsplash.  What do you think?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    09:34PM, Jul 5 2011 Yes, using the same granite backsplash may be more expensive as opposed to tiles.  Although the Bianco Romano has the burgundy flecks, they are not the dominant color so they may get lost in the mix. Like the photo I previously attached, the flecks aren’t as visible because it stone has quite busy pattern that would mask the red tones. You should also check out other options in the green tones like the Costa Rose, Cosa Esmeralda, Costa Esmeralda and Soft Green. Take a look at those and let me know how you feel about them.
  • Soozmeow 08:37PM, Jul 5 2011 I do like both the pictures you showed - especially the one with the white subway tiles. Maybe that would be the best and cleanest way to go with the Bianco Romano. Nice suggestion - thanks!
  • Soozmeow 08:08PM, Jul 5 2011 Derek - thanks so much for your response. The subway tiles in the picture are the ones we were thinking of using but I'm not sure how they would look with regard to the burgundy dots in the Bianco Romano.  Also not sure if the creamy tile is right with the BR or the square, creamy tile as a liner. Is a liner necessary? Maybe we should just go with the subway tiles - or would a plain tile for the whole backsplash look better - but what color? We're still early in this whole process and I'm very confused. Guess, as you say, we really need to look at the full slab in order to get a better perspective. One more question, if I may: what do you know of Home Depot kitchen remodels? That's who we've been talking with about doing ours.
  • Soozmeow 08:03PM, Jul 5 2011 Thanks Kinga for your comments. Yes, the picture shows a creamy square tile we were thinking of using as a liner, and the combination-colors of subway tiles (some of which are glass) for the backsplash. I was worried that the creamy tile wouldn't look right with the subway tiles or would be too creamy for the Bianco Romano, but you think it's a good combination, in spite of the burgundy flecks in the Bianco Romano? We really want something with a greenish (warm) cast and I like these subway tiles - if it wouldn't look too busy. Using the same granite for backsplash is more costly, I believe. I'm wondering if we should try to find something other than the Bianco Romano to get away from the burgundy.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    03:32PM, Jul 5 2011 Is that the backsplash you intend on using? If so, it’s a perfect combination with the Bianco Romano. As Derek mentioned, you will get the burgundy flecks no matter which shipment you choose.  But you should most definitely see the slab and any other shipment of it in person. It will make a HUGE difference. Sometimes people change their minds completely after seeing a stone they loved online in person. If you want to add warmth to the cool Bianco Romano, the creamy tile is a great choice. If you want to have a cool, crisp feel, a white subway tile may be your best choice.  Another great possibility is using the same granite for a full backsplash.  Let me know what you think!
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:30PM, Jul 5 2011 You must pick the slab in-person, but from what I've seen, the Bianco Romano always has burgundy dots in the design. To keep things simple and make it an elegant white kitchen with clean lines, you may want to just do a subway tile pattern by itself. If possible, get a sample of that for backsplash and test out the combination.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    01:02PM, Jul 5 2011 A tumbled marble with accent tiles with same tones as your floor would look great in your space.
  • Soozmeow 08:33PM, Jul 4 2011 We are considering using Bianco Romano countertops with white cabinets in our kitchen remodel but not sure about backsplash colors. The sample we have of Bianco Romano has a greenish cast, which is what we want, but we've seen the larger pieces which have brownish-burgundy spots. I'm concerned that won't go with the neutral and slightly greenish tones we've picked for a backsplash. We have a creamy neutral for a liner and then neutral and white-ish subway tiles with some greenish-grey cast glass subways. Do you think this will work? I'm worried the creamy tile is too creamy. Should we forget the liner and just go with all subway for the backsplash. I'm so confused. (the picture shows our floor tile which is a neutral color.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    12:50PM, Jun 17 2011 Perhaps a soft White Carrera marble tile would be appropriate for your design. Another option could be our tumbled Oyster Mix Flamed travertine tile. I've attached a photo for reference. The backsplash should not be too busy in your design to follow the style of the set-up. Hope this helps.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    08:00PM, Jun 16 2011 Missminh78,

    If you’re going for that white, ‘clean’ look, I would recommend using a simple white subway tile with your favorite tile pattern behind the stove or sink with glass accents of the same color as the floor. If you have a dominant color in your space, you should incorporate that color into the pattern with glass accents. If you want to warm up the space, a tumbled marble with glass inserts throughout the backsplash without a pattern behind the stove/sink would look stunning. Let me know what you think so far!
  • Missminh78 07:09PM, Jun 16 2011 Hello, I am wondering if you could recommend to install what backsplash I should install for my kitchen with birch white cabinets, ceasar stone nougat 660 countertop and Brazilian chestnut floor. Thanks heaps.
  • Marmi di Carrara 02:21PM, Jun 3 2011 I think Bianco Romano would fit nicely in your monochromatic look, and the dark stained floor would give a nice touch of contrast.
  • Marmi di Carrara 01:54PM, Jun 3 2011 Bianco Romano should be sealed twice a year for the first 2 years, and once annually for every year after.
  • Tami 09:08PM, Jun 2 2011 How often does Bianco Romano need to be sealed?
  • Mollie 06:58PM, Jun 2 2011 I am considering Bianco Romano for my countertops and wondered if a warm white (creamy but NOT yellow) would look good with it. I am going for a light monochromatic look, with subway tiles (probably off-white), stainless appliances, and a dark stained wood floor.
  • Penney 04:40PM, Jun 1 2011 Hi - I just had Biando Romano countertops installed. I am going to paint my cabinets and keep going back and forth between white or something dark like espresso. What would be your recommendation? And should I go with the tumbled Botticino marble backsplash or white subway tiles. Thanks!
  • Marry Hill 11:23PM, May 21 2011 Hello, i am going to have a kitchen remodelled with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and bianco romano for countertop. What backslash color do you recommend? what do you think of bordeaux glass? thanks for your help
  • serap 09:37PM, Apr 22 2011 I have toupe color stained wood cabinets in my kitchen. The floors are beije polishned marble. The appliances are stainless steel. What do you think about using "toupe" granite? Thanks
  • Toni 06:59AM, Apr 21 2011 Does the bianco romano come in 16x16, 18x18, or 20x20 floor tiles?
  • Bonnie 04:56PM, Mar 27 2011 My new kitchen cabinets are cherry in a dark Kaffe color with stainless appliances. My floors are clear birch. We have lots of natural light in an open, great room space. How would the Bianco Romano look with these colors?
  • Rebecca Walsh 02:48PM, Mar 15 2011 Hi, I am referring to picture 3 of 9 the Island bench with the Bianco Romano granite. Thanks for your rep;y. Cheers Bec
  • Rebecca Walsh 01:23AM, Mar 15 2011 Hi, I am wanting Bianco Romano granite and I love the colour of your cupboards, What colour is it ? Cheers Bec
  • Chris 10:30AM, Mar 11 2011 I am thinking of putting in Bianco Romano countertops with white cabinets and, stainless steel appliances, black refrigerator, and dark brown hardwood floors, what would you recommend for a backsplash?
  • Kristin 09:06AM, Mar 4 2011 Warm colors throughout house, dark cherry cabinets, cream glossy porcelain tile floors, neutral paint color...were thinking of using bianco romano or bianco antico, but they don't have the creamy color of my floors. Is it a problem to have a granite with no beige/cream to coordinate with the floor?
  • Fiona 07:20PM, Jan 7 2011 I have a very warm kitchen (peach-leaning yellow walls, milk chocolate, raspberry/coral, bronze fixtures). My cabinets are (some) painted off white and (some) stained dark reddish brown. I'm looking for a granite with a some contrast with the off white that isn't too dark and isn't too cool/grey, but also not super gold. Pretty much, I'd love the look of travertine, but want the practicality of granite. Is this my stone, or is there something better out there? I'm afraid it might be too grey.
  • Dina 02:46PM, Dec 21 2010 what price group is this granite?
  • Kate 09:22PM, Nov 8 2010 The Bianco Romano that I have seen does not appear as white as the pictures above, more taupe and green, have you seen this variation? I want to have the look of marble, without the maintenance. Cabinets are frost and island is a dark mahogany. Suggestions?
  • Island Time 08:21PM, Jul 22 2010 We are planning on having bianco romano countertops with off white cabinets and a black island. Stainless steel appliances and floor will be a medium dark wood with black highlights. Stumped on a backsplash - stone, glass, carrara, stainless steel. Size subway, 2" squares, or larger. Any suggestions?
  • melissa 04:19PM, Jul 12 2010 Looking for a granite that is light colored and in the gray family. I am considering this one and classic white. My cabinets are dark cherry, the floors are dark grey and the backsplash is teal and grey glass tiles. I want something light that does not have any beige. Are there any other options - preferably low priced since we are planning to sell in the next few years?
  • Mott 06:06PM, May 24 2010 We are considering bianco romano or bianco antico for the island and black granite for the perimeter countertops. The cabinets are medium cherry. What do you think about small mosaic tiles in calacatta marble for the backsplash.
  • Judi 03:11PM, Apr 14 2010 I love this color...not as cold looking as other granites...would it fo with my cabinets?? They have an Armeretto or chocolatey glaze..
  • Jennifer 01:34PM, Apr 1 2010 I am building a house and have chosen burgundy cherry cabinets. I am stumped on granite choices. I am torn between santa cecilia and bianco romano. The samples are so small that I can't tell much about them. I want a high contrast look. Would you recommend santa cecilia or bianco romano with cherry? My goal is a crisp high contrast look, but is bianco romano suitable with cherry? What colors are visible up in the bianco romano?
  • Dawna 02:16PM, Mar 9 2010 I am thinking of using bianco romano in my kitchen but really want a copper sink, would this be complementary?
  • scarlet 09:53AM, Nov 24 2009 also this bianco romano granite I have is very gray and havent been able to find flooring/backsplash to compliment .
  • scarlet 05:43PM, Nov 23 2009 what colour of subway tile would recommend , white ? and what colour of travertine flooring would you suggest ? thank you
  • scarlet 09:45PM, Nov 22 2009 I have a bianco romano countertop and white cabinets in kitchen would you suggest a back splash and flooring to match ?
  • diane 01:51PM, Jul 7 2009 Would a subway tile in a travertine w/ a few accents in glass be too much w/ bianco romano? What color backsplash would you recommend?
  • diane 12:11PM, Jul 7 2009 Thanks. Does black really show everything? What would you recommend for a backsplash if I did a bianco romano on the perimeter and a black on the island? I was hoping to do a marble.
  • diane 09:57PM, Jul 6 2009 I keep coming back to bianco romano-white cabinets, ss appliances. My question is, would a bianco romano look good with another stone on the island? A black or could I do white, like white fantasy? Thx!
  • Margaret Duty 03:10PM, Jul 3 2009 Yes this was one of my picks, if I wanted more speckles, less movement which would you suggest? I do love the burgundy spots in this.
  • Karen 10:34AM, Jun 15 2009 Good point! Thank you
  • Karen 08:39PM, Jun 13 2009 Is Bianco Romano also known as Ambrosia white? I asked a stone yard to show me Bianco and the label on the slab said Ambrosia. Should I be concerned? Also, they showed me Cielo De Oro and I can't find that stone ANYWHERE else?
  • Rosemary 10:22AM, May 30 2009 Thanks for suggestion and I will ask about Kashmire White The granite store is recommending Giallo Ornamentale as a more reasonable stone and that has white. Do you think this will go with stark white cabinets and take renter abuse?
  • Rosemary 07:45AM, May 28 2009 Thinking of Bianco Romano with existing white cabinets (done in 2001). This is a townhouse that we rent. Do you think this will work with these cabinets and will it take renter abuse.
  • kim 10:00PM, Mar 23 2009 I love White Carrara marble but worry about staining. Do you think bianco romano granite would compliment natural maple cabinets and gray tile flooring? What would you recommend for backsplash?
  • Stephanie 08:47PM, Dec 14 2008 I love this kitchen - our cabinets are the same color as in the picture, and we are putting in granite countertops (bianco romano)...do you know the name of the color on the wall?
  • Michelle 08:03PM, Nov 22 2008 Off of the kitchen we will also have an office with double glass french doors. The cabinets are cherry w/ black glaze (brown). What color granite would compliment the bianco romano?
  • Michelle 07:57PM, Nov 22 2008 Our new kitchen has wood harbor cabinets, white w/taupe glaze perim & cherry island & butlers pantry with black glaze (looks brown) I am thinking of bianco ramano countertops. The kitchen is very large lots of light, stainless appliances and white sinks. What do you think?
  • kathy 03:18PM, Nov 12 2008 warm colors in home, north facing kitchen, will this work w/ white subway tile and red oak cabinets and floors? looking to emulate marble w.out maintenance. what about the silgrant black sink?
  • mary 09:26AM, Sep 25 2008 would Bianco romano go with red oak cabinets stained med wtih med neuaral wall paint and stainless steel applicanes.
  • kelle rodrigues 09:42PM, Sep 12 2008 hi, I have cream cabinets, looking for a granite most like white marble. Is this for me?
  • holly 10:57AM, Sep 1 2008 love this kitchen do you know what kind of cabinets these are and also what the flooing is also do you have small samples of granite that can be mailed to customers
  • SSI Condo 08:23PM, Aug 21 2008 I have just purchased a condo with Bianco Romano countertops, cinnamon-colored cabinets and a rich honey-colored wood floor. Any recommendations on what I might use for a backsplash to pull all these colors together?
  • Christina Xiang 05:42PM, Aug 5 2008 I love Bianco Romano, but there are two kinds out there. Which one you think is the best match for off white cabinet, I have chrry hardwood floor. Thanks!
  • Lori 08:36AM, Jun 7 2008 Do you think this countertop would go well with Cherry wood cabinets in a Honey Spice color?
  • cindy mizener 01:37PM, Jun 1 2008 Would the bianco romano look good with natural pecan cabinets with a white subway tile backsplash and natural hickory wide plank floors. I'm also wondering if the granite in these pictures is honed.
  • renee 02:18PM, May 25 2008 are the bianco romano countertops in the pictures above honed? how is a honed stone cared for?
  • TBR 08:03PM, Apr 11 2008 I have cherrywood with cholocate glaze and natural red oak floors. I love this but too 'grey' for those tones?
  • Lynn 08:11PM, Jan 28 2008 How would this look with cherry cabinets (deep stain)? Floor is warm-toned wood (oak). Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  • Marmi di Carrara 09:31AM, Jan 22 2008 Kris:
  • Jenny Sandstrom 01:01PM, Jan 17 2008 Is this marble of standard price grade, or it is an upper end marble? And is Marble generally more than granite?
  • theresa 09:17PM, Jan 13 2008 would this look nice with a yellowy/antique looking cabinet glazed with a warm light cocoa?
  • Harry 06:20PM, Jan 12 2008 Does the open vaines in this color cause any concern in the smooth finish of the counter top or its strength?
  • Michael 08:37PM, Jan 7 2008 would this look good on a rubbed black island with the rest of the cabinets in a warm cherry finish with the uba tuba
  • Sally 02:20PM, Oct 3 2007 Would this granite color look good with Maple cabinets in a Praline color? I will have wood flooring also.
  • Marcene 07:53PM, Sep 21 2007 I think I like Bianco Romano granite. How do you think it will look with cherrywood cabinets? What would you recommend as a color of tile floor: gray's or browns? Backsplash?
  • Aison Comstock 11:24AM, Sep 11 2007 OK but lot of grey...