- Derek 08:48PM, Aug 1 2011 There may also be a 'Black Andes' that comes from Brazil, that is why stone names are not 'set in stone'. This particular Black Andes is from India, as indicated by our import manager.
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    - Kinga
    12:00PM, Jul 30 2011 This stone comes from a quarry in India; therefore, this is an Indian stone.
  • Stoneadvisor 01:13AM, Jul 30 2011 this is brazilian and not from India
  • Madeeha 01:29PM, Mar 19 2010 where does it fit in your single blue to gold pricing category?
  • Derek 09:26AM, Apr 17 2009 i agree with george i want that exact stone... which location cna i get it from, its really a masterpiece, ima painter and this is beauty
  • George 05:16PM, Apr 15 2009 this slab looks like a painting... does it actually come out like that out of the ground... how much per square foot? i got about 54 sq ft