- Derek 01:14PM, Aug 31 2011 Have you seen the Black Galaxy Extra in-person? The main difference from the regular BG is that the copper flecks here are more pronounced. Different fabricators have various deliveries of this popular and elegant stone, I recommend to look at the slabs yourself. In the end, I think this would look gorgeous in your set-up and you should absolutely consider it.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    02:21PM, Aug 25 2011 Darker stones tend to show some streaks after using certain cleaning products or fingerprints because of their deep shade. However, if seal it properly and clean it often you can avoid the streaky look. Make sure to use a soft cloth like a microfiber to minimize the look of the steaks should you experience any.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    12:18PM, Aug 24 2011 The Black Galaxy would be a great addition to your setup as it has a rich and timeless feel. Keep in mind that some suppliers may call the stone a different name so you always want to see the slabs in person and pick up a few samples. Unfortunately, we do not service Massachusetts. You can fill out an online estimate request to receive pricing information from selected fabricators from your local area. http://www.Marmidicarrara.com
  • CherylinMassachusetts 01:49PM, Aug 22 2011 "The Black Galaxy may streak a little"   Would it streak more than another kind of granite? If so, why? Does this streaking apply to the BG Extra?  Also, is BG one of the harder granites for counters? Thanks. Cheryl
  • CherylinMassachusetts 02:01PM, Aug 21 2011 Okay, thought I was set on Portofino Classico but saw this beautiful color. My cabinets will be an off white, with soft brown glaze (could change it to Pewter), my sink is ordered,it is a single basin Absolute Black granite apron sink with an embossed copper front.
    Which would be a better look? Do all granite suppliers have the BG extra? Is it cost effective to have you ship to Mass? Thanks in advance for all your help.
  • Jeffery L Miller 10:46PM, Feb 11 2011 We bought the Black Galaxy for our kitchen. The counter tops are beautiful. It does required a good soap and water wipe down but its very easy to clean. We now want a piece 50X38 to make an island table and a small peice 12X16 to use for a cutting board. The large flecks granite. need a quote. Ready to buy now.
  • lori 10:13AM, Jan 5 2011 there are a few different types of galaxy. can you tell me the difference between the gold and double gold ones? Also, does the galaxy tend to streak when cleaning like some other balck varieties>
  • melissa 04:03PM, Oct 26 2010 we are ready for our counter tops and are still not sure what color to choose. Our cabinets are natural cypress with colors from light blonde to brown and slight red tones with in the boards. Our walls and celing are cypress tonge and groove in natural finish. We have cream/tan tile floors. We have considered black galaxy, nvg, and st cecilia. Any suggestions, as this is going to be the making/breaking point?
  • Penny Moore 11:29AM, Mar 27 2010 I need an estimate. please send.