- Derek 08:45PM, Feb 3 2012 I'm sorry for the house fire, that is very unfortunate. The Copper Canyon is a much richer and warmer stone with move movement in comparison to Baltic Brown, so if you'd like the countertops to be the focal point of your kitchen, then I recommend using this stone. Some other suggestions for you to consider would be New Colonial Dream, and Sanguine C. Good luck!
  • Rose 05:32PM, Jan 30 2012 We are having a reno due to house fire.  Our kitchen cabinets are maple, sort of a hazelnut color with mocha glaze...The appliances are black....The floors are red oak and will not be stained buy have 2 coats of poly...We will need approximately 28 sq ft of countertops.  Will Copper Canyon or Baltic Brown go with kitchen cabnets
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    05:56PM, Aug 3 2011 You're welcome! We are happy to have been here to reassure your decision!
  • Carol 03:35PM, Aug 3 2011 Thanks very much!!  Glad to see I wasn't way off!
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    03:39PM, Aug 2 2011 The Copper Canyon is a very warm option that will radiate as the countertop surface. It's a stunning compliment for your terracotta tile and cabinet color. I also vote with confidence for the Copper Canyon.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    12:06PM, Aug 2 2011 The Copper Canyon would be a great finishing touch to your kitchen paired with the light cream color cabinets because the stone will pick up your floors, tie the space together in a uniform harmony and the light cabinets will balance out your design. Go for it!
  • Carol 01:34AM, Aug 2 2011 sorry, forgot to list the color!  Am looking at Copper Canyon, #549.  Thanks in advnce for your advice.
  • Carol 01:27AM, Aug 2 2011 I'm planning on cabinet refacing in a light cream color.  I have 12x12 tiled terracotta floors.  Do you think this will go?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    02:34PM, Jun 29 2011 Absolute Black Flamed would look amazing. Also check out Matrix BR, Azul Platino and Alaska Glacier. If you’re going for a modern look, a stone with a textured finish would look stunning in your setup.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    01:34PM, Jun 29 2011 Absolute Back Honed would look really slick and modern with your design. Will the cabinets be a red tone?
  • Jonette 06:10PM, Jun 28 2011 I am planning on a red kitchen. Cabinets will be from IKEA. i think I would like a light speckeled grey granite but perhaps you have another idea.
    i want counter tops and full backsplash. I want pizzazz.
  • Lisa 04:59PM, May 11 2011 I've ordered maple cabinets (Ramsey style) in spice with a choc. Glaze. I love the Copper Canyon granite...I like veins, my husband likes speckles. This seems to have a nice compromise. I'm hoping it gives my kitchen a kind of "glow" to it. We have stainless appliances and about 80sq. Ft. of counter, which includes a u- shaped raised counter for seating and wide natural oak floors. Do you think this will go together?
  • Bruce 06:00PM, Dec 20 2010 I have stainless steel appliances, pine floors, and white cabinets. Any suggestions?
  • Deborah 12:13PM, Dec 15 2010 We are buying a new home with maple cabients (medium) and the builder is replacing the dark greenish corian counter tops in kitchen with granite. I know I don't like a really speckled look and I like a lighter/creamy background. Can you please offer some suggestions.
  • sherry 03:45PM, Oct 5 2010 we have dark cherry cabinets in the kitchen with black-stainless steel appliances any comment for granite and tiling for the floor? thanks alot
  • Curtis 10:35AM, Aug 10 2009 Thanks for the suggestions. We've decided to get rid of the slate backsplash behind the stove, so considering only the golden oak floor, medium brown cabinets and black appliances, what would you suggest? I want to go a little bolder than the two suggested. We're getting rid of Corian that looks a lot like the Santa Cecelia. Maybe dark brown - coffee imperial, amarello boreal, bahia brown, Giallo monte carlo, platinum bahia antique or Tan Brown. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch.
  • Curtis 09:58PM, Aug 8 2009 Need suggestion for granite -I have black appliances, golden oak floor, medium brown oak cabinets and a slate tile backsplash above oven. U shaped kitchen setup, not a whole lot of natural light. Thanks.
  • debbie 10:28AM, Jul 18 2009 have cream colored maple with latte wash cabinets and med brown cherry island, want movement on granite that goes with both wood types. is this ok, what kind of flooring do you recommend
  • sherry 02:45PM, Jul 14 2009 Thanks!!
  • sherry 02:40PM, Jul 14 2009 thanks. was also looking at the crema bordeaux. What do you think of that? I also have the stainless steel appliances. Don't want sterile but want some wave, not speckles.
  • sherry 12:25PM, Jul 14 2009 This looks like Moonlight yellow. I love this stone but redoing a 99sq ft area kitchen with 18 in square beige tiles and honey oak cabnets. Is this too much of the same color? Do you think it will look washed out. bland?