- Derek 03:47PM, Jul 25 2011 If on the other hand you want to play it safe with the countertop as you already have two gorgeous and rich cabinet color combinations, I'd use a classic and timeless stone such as Santa Cecilia or New Venetian Gold throughout the kitchen.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    01:56PM, Jul 25 2011 If you want something on the light side, take a look at the Astoria and Atlantis. If you are looking for something in the medium color tone, take a look at Crema Bordeaux and Golden Rock. If you want a dark, dramatic look, take a look at Golden Noir and Kosmus. Let me know how you feel about these suggestions!
  • Kristine 03:39AM, Jul 23 2011 I have order a painted white maple counter with a chocolate glaze and then I am doing a dark cherry island like a caffe color.  I don't know what to do that will go with both.
  • jane 02:11PM, Dec 7 2010 Thank you.
  • jane 09:19AM, Dec 6 2010 I have white cabinets and a tile floor that has brown/gold tones with lots of movement. Will this granite on the island and built in table be too busy? I would then do black pearl on the outer cabinets. I am really at a loss. I also like Minsk gold but it is too much like the floor I am afraid. Thanks for any advice you can give!
  • Chris 07:44AM, Sep 25 2009 I have this and it does chip easily. I thought granite was supposed to be tough but even using a knife on it scratchesthe surface. I have it for 3 years and my sink looks terrible with all of the chips around the eedge. Very disappointed
  • curtis 10:00AM, Aug 31 2009 How does this hold up in the kitchen? Is it soft?