- Derek 04:53PM, Dec 31 2011 I understand your concern, and for suggestions to align more properly with your vision for the design, take a look at the options Kinga has written. In addition to that, I recommend two very pretty new deliveries we've received that could compliment your set-up quite nicely. Take a look here: 
 Have you visited a stone slab yard as of yet? If not, I recommend to do this as soon as possible, as looking at the full slabs in-person is very important to visualize the look you want to achieve. You should bring samples home with you to put against the cabinets, next to the floor, in your kitchen light to see how you like the various combinations. Happy New Year!
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    03:41PM, Dec 30 2011 Truszfam,
    Thank you for your questions! We absolutely do not mind, in fact, we love more questions! I understand your concern and you may be right. Is it possible for you to post a photo of your cabinets and flooring so we can fully understand the colors we are working with? I checked out the Diletto granite and it’s a beautiful choice. Another great option for your space is the Bianco Antico and Bianco Romano. Both the Bianco Antico and Romano have beautiful gray undertones with rich brown flecks and veins. I will await your photo for more granite suggestions. For background color, I’m leaning towards a lighter tone to help the granite stand out without overwhelming the space.
  • Truszfam 08:44PM, Dec 29 2011 Thank you to you and also to Kinga for your replies....  A couple more questions if you don't mind...  I'm worried that these may be too brown/gold (our cabinets our medium oak, easily look a little orange depending on what we hold up to them).  I keep thinking we want something with more gray than gold/brown, but obviously want to have some warm brown in it to pick up the cabinet color.  Would Diletto be an option?  I do like the Sunset Ivory (and New Colonial Dream also), but worried it's too much brown with our gray tile floor and gray fieldstone fireplace in the adjacent room (it's all one big room).  On another note, should we stay with a lighter versus darker background color?   I want our countertop to coordinate with all, stand out some but not compete with the fireplace either.  I am very much a visual person, and have looked through a lot of your pictures but don't see a lot of oak cabinets with gray tile floors, so I'm having a hard time picturing what would look good.  Any more thoughts/ideas based on all that?  :)  Sorry so wordy but Thanks in advance....
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    03:48PM, Dec 23 2011 The Crema San Marco is surely a light and soft option that would keep a tingle of warmth in the design and create an inviting atmosphere. My two other recommendations that could create the same feeling are Astoria, and Sunset Ivory. Good luck! =)
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    02:08PM, Dec 20 2011 This stone would definitely work. Other beautiful options include the Golden Rivera, Ambrosia White and Colonial Gold. Let me know what you think!
  • Truszfam 12:47AM, Dec 20 2011 We have medium oak cabinets, a gray/brown ceramic tile floor, stainless/black appliances, and are trying to decide on granite countertops.  We have a medium size u-shaped kitchen, not great lighting, but does open up to dining room and family room with a fieldstone fireplace.  Would this countertop work?  What others would you suggest if not?
  • Nadine 01:01PM, Feb 26 2011 hi, we have natural maple cabinets that have gotten a little golden over time, cream colored tile with grey and taupe veining running through and stainless appliances, what would you recommend? we like veining and variety in granite and even a little drama!
  • Lauren 08:49PM, Jun 29 2010 forgot to mention that i don't want black in the granite. If it has to be there, I would like it to be very minimal. thank you!
  • Lauren 07:52PM, Jun 29 2010 Hello. i have creamy ivory/whitish cabinets with oil rubbed bronze fixtures, and a darker brazilian acacia wood floor. I have been to 2 of your NJ locations and am overwhelmed at the amount of choices available. Any advice on what granite to use? We are looking for something that does not exceed the single silver price range. I think the Santa Cecilia is a bit busy for me in looking at the pictures online but would love some recommendations from you! I am more into a creamy background vs a gold one if that helps. Thank you!
  • michele 09:56PM, Feb 18 2010 I have white cabinets and light oak floors. would this color granite make the room look too sterile? Do you have any darker colored grantie that would look good with white laminate cabinets?