- Derek 05:26PM, May 2 2012

This seems like a nice compliment and the warm colors will work off each other. Since you will have a two color countertop combination, I'd use a soft and neutral backsplash tile such as Oyster Mix Flamed travertine. In regard to wall color Linen White or Barely Beige by Benjamin Moore are appropriate. For a warm yellow shade instead, try Morning Light also by BM. Hope this helps!

  • Gerard 04:14AM, Apr 28 2012

    I opened my kitchen up to my living room separated with a 42 inch high L shape counter bar, 36 inch serving counter on the kitchen side. If I do all kitchen counters in giallo fantasia and top bar counter in giallo vicenza, would this combo compliment each other and my yellow cream ivory cabinets? From the samples, they look good together. If so what color tone would you suggest for walls, floor and backsplash?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    08:56PM, Apr 4 2012

    Giallo Fantasia is a very warm stone and if you're looking for an efficient match then the Giallo Fantasia will compliment the oak tawny wood quite nicely, go for it!

  • Sliderjmt 08:50PM, Apr 4 2012

    I am purchasing a Giallo Fantasia Granite counter top with a Oak Tawny cabinet.....Do you think that would be a good match?????


  • Eileen Smith 10:56PM, Oct 25 2010 I purchased a mocha coffee cabinet and am using hard wood floors. Looking for a subtle granite for our relatively small kitchen. I am thinking along the cream/gold or peach/pink color granite. any ideas?
  • Whitley 06:56PM, Sep 8 2010 I am remodeling my small kitchen. I have found some black cabinets with the rust colored distressed edges and the flooring is going to be a rust colored stone, this would match the rust look, but would it be too matchy matchy??
  • Terri 04:37PM, Aug 15 2010 I have cherry colored cabinets and my floor and walls are various shades of brown and tan. My window coverings are also done in earth tones. Any suggestions on granite color? I am hesitant to go very dark because the cabinets are dark but I want to tie in the earth tone colors and the cabinet color.
  • Debbie 11:39PM, Mar 30 2010 We have a dark mahogany floor and will have light tan cabinetry with bronze hardware. We are considering black granite countertops on the island and near the wall, but also was wondering if a "strong" gold could be a good choice. Would there be enough contrast from the cabinetry, in your opinion? Do you have a particular gold or black granite you would recommend for a traditional home? The kitchen is north-facing and is in a brownstone building. Thank you!
  • karen 12:07PM, Jan 4 2010 Hi, back at you. I am pondering whether it is better to have all the same granite in the kitchen and the bar area. Concern is that the bar area is open to the living room that will have a shiny black baby grand. That is why I am leaning to the Uba Tuba for the bar area. Your thoughts?
  • karen 02:52PM, Jan 3 2010 I am looking for a granite that has gold and some black. I will have a large kitchen with an off-white perimeter cabinets with chocolate glaze and two brown chili colored islands. A bar area is right before the kitchen with brown chili cabinets too. Wondering if Uba Tuba would work on the bar counter if Giallo Fantasia is on the kitchen counters??
  • grambeth 02:35PM, Aug 31 2008 I am refinishing my bathroom and I have no clue about what colors to do it in. I am putting in cherry cabinets. Do you have a granite and tile that would look good? Thank you in advance for any advice!!
  • cocoa 08:34PM, Jun 17 2008 its beautiful! i might get it