- Derek 08:59PM, Nov 30 2011 It really depends on if the Giallo Capella clashes with your floor tile. From your description, it does not sound like the floor tile is overfly busy. I recommend to get a sample of the Capella and bring it home with you to see how it looks like in your kitchen next o the floor. As for backsplash, to softer the style I would use a neutral and timeless tile such as a tumbled Botticino marble. Good luck!
  • Sshelton 02:25PM, Nov 26 2011 I am looking a Giallo Capella Granite for the whole kitchen with white cabinets. I also have white tile with light grey swirls. Do you think this will be to busy? I do not have a center island. If Giallo Capella is not to busy for my kitchen what type of back splash would I install?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    09:03PM, Oct 20 2011 Also check out the Astoria. I feel the soft veins give the stone enough of interest without overpowering the rest of the space.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    08:53PM, Oct 20 2011 Take a look at colors such as Madura Gold, Verde Sequoia, and Sun Flower. These choices are a little less busy.
  • Lj117 03:55PM, Oct 20 2011 Thank you Dereck-We thought that might be the case!  Any recomendations for granite for both backsplace and countertop??
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:52PM, Oct 20 2011 It's quite a busy stone and I'm just afraid that it may be a bit too much to be used as a full backsplash as well as countertop material. But if you enjoy a bold, wild, and rich pattern then you may be able to pull it off. The tile also has some movement in it, so it would be quite a busy design overall. How about using a tumbled Noce travertine backsplash instead of the Mascarello there? Just some food for thought. Hope this helps.
  • Lj117 01:11PM, Oct 20 2011 Hello-We are remodeling our kitchen using off-white cabinets with a cherry chocolate glazed island. The appliances will be stainless steel.  The floor is a porcelian tile-Ragno Calabria "Bianco"  http://ragnousa.com/series/cal... (click on photo of Bi)  We really like the Mascarelo and would use it as a countertop as well as the  backsplash. Do you think this is a good combination?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    06:08PM, Sep 27 2011 The Giallo Mascarello is a very rich stone with golden highlights throughout each slab. It's surely to bring the kitchen to life and add critical resale value. Another option I recommend is Ouro Fantastico.
  • David and Jeanie Jones 02:44PM, Sep 24 2011 My husband and I are wanting to update our laminate counters.  We have honey colored cabinets w/a raised front.  We have stainless and black appliances and light hard-wood flooring.  It is a butler kitchen - by that I mean a long narrow kitchen.  I wanted to pick a granite or marble that would lighten the area and bring in all tones that are presently being used.  Do you believe this color would enhance all and help add value for resale?
  • Daniel 07:29PM, Nov 13 2010 Hi - I am trying to decide on granite for my kitchen remodel. I have cherry cabinets stained "Autumn Blush" (redishbrown) with an island that will be used as our table and will seat six. Florring undecided but probably a beige color. I wanted to have different colors for the countertops vs. the island. What color combo would you suggest?
  • j winn 09:29AM, Sep 12 2010 I am redo-ing a kitschy southwester kitchen. The floor is mexican reddish tile, which I like (the house is stucco and very SW itself) Want to build the new kitchen around the granite.. any suggestions? The current countertop is dk turquoise corian oh help me. Tha cabinets are good quality but I swear the glaze makes them look pink. Thinking a light caramel with a coffee glaze for the cupboards.
  • Ellen 06:49PM, Feb 11 2010 I am installing a Mascarello counter on a dark brown cherrywood cabinet in my masterbath, the tile is beige colors in porcelin (travertine looking)...ant suggestions on paint colors to compliment? The room is vaulted. Thanks!
  • Laura 09:40AM, Aug 1 2009 Is it possible to get mascerello granite in tiles? If so where?
  • Claudia 01:34PM, Mar 31 2009 Just had this installed and it is fantastic! Lots of variation and interest. It has streaks of quartz and some sparkling. Highly recommended
  • susan 01:51PM, Aug 22 2008 I have ivory cabinets with a coffee glaze finish. Looking for granite, what do you suggest? Hardware is dark and floors have tile with reds, golds, and browns
  • Marmi di Carrara 09:31AM, Jan 30 2008 Peggy: