- Derek 12:46PM, Oct 13 2011 You're on the right track, and seems like you're making educated decisions (eliminating Kashmir Gold because it stained in your tests, deciding on using a lighter color because it's a small kitchen with low amount of natural light and so on) so I applaud you for this. From looking at the picture, it looks like the Giallo Ornamental's warm creme highlights compliment your cabinet color nicely. I think you should totally go for it! The Ornamental is a timeless and classic choice that will hold up for many years to come.
  • TN 10:30PM, Oct 12 2011 I've purchased cabinets (maple with a honey color to them) and I saw this Giallo Ornamental at the granite yard, do you think this is a good pairing?  I have kind of busy red oak floors (kinda brown/orange color to them) so I wanted to keep the cabinets neutral with not a lot of busyness to the grain.  Here's an actual photo of my floor, cabinet, and the granite.  The lighting slightly messes with the colors of the photo, of course, but you get the idea.  The granite has a beautiful gloss to it.  This album (2nd Yard Choices Narrowed Down) also has other granite photos I'm comparing.  Kasmir Gold stained horribly during my tests, so we're eliminated that one.  We don't want to go too dark because the room is only 9x9 with 1 window.  Please give me any ideas, this is my first kitchen remodel....and hopefully last. :)  
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    - Derek
    06:57PM, Sep 13 2011 What is the actual "color" of the Early American stain? I'm having trouble visualizing the color tone of your cabinetry. You can even attach a website link to your response with the cabinet photo if that's possible, that would be really helpful. Thanks!
  • R. Mabey 10:56PM, Sep 9 2011 We're having a hard time deciding between the Gallo Ornamenta Extra, Gallo Ornamental C and the Kashmir White.  Our cabinetry is finished in Early American stain.  Any ideas/opinions would be greatly appreciated.