- Kinga 05:44PM, Jul 11 2011 Robin,
This stone is definitely not too dark! The deep colors will create a rich, formal feel you see in magazines.  Also check out Amazon Tiger, Green Ocean, Juparana Carajas and Ouro Fantastico for other great options.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:51PM, Jul 11 2011 Golden Noir is wonderful, the rich deep veins with rust and gold undertones will compliment your dark cabinets and top off an elegant design. Some other options are Metallic and Kosmus. I don't think it's too dark if you're looking for a traditional atmosphere, and these stones have beautiful movement in them. If you want a calmer and softer feel, then you can go dark without the veining, such as Imperial Coffee, Brown Bahia, and Butterfly Antique.
  • Robin 06:01PM, Jul 8 2011 I have installed cherry cab w/ a chocolate stain , my flooring is natural oak, appliances are stainless steel ,with white apron front sink . The kitchen is L shaped w/ a 6ft island and receives a lot of natural light. My husband and I have visited Ridgefield and fell in love with Jacaranda Wood , unfortunately the quantity was limited. I am also looking at Golden Noir. Any other suggestions ? We like movement but don't want to get sea sick and wondering if I am choosing too dark . Thank you Robin

  • holly 11:40AM, Aug 3 2009 is this color blueish? and price category is this in single blue double blue etc.