- Derek 07:32PM, Nov 23 2011 We do not have any information on not being able to use this stone outside, therefore it should be perfectly safe to do so as granite is one of the densest, hardest, and most durable natural stone rocks in existence. Hope this helps.
  • Ledonne 02:28PM, Nov 19 2011 I'm looking at light bordeaux for an outdoor kitchen.  This is a very exotic stone with lots of crystals throughout.  Will it be sutible & withstand the freeze  and thaw of NW Indiana?
  • Marmi di Carrara 06:08PM, Jun 3 2011 The Bordeaux's are some of the most interesting and busy pieces and should be carefully examined to find the right slab. If you look at our Brordeaux and Ibere Crema Bordeaux slabs you should find the right mixture without too much red. But you definitely need to see them in person.
  • Shela 01:34AM, Jun 3 2011 Hi we are considering any of the Bordeaux in our new kitchen but concern the it will be to much red,
    The cabinets are linen with a brown wash,
    a copper farm sink, a wet bar in mahogany the island mahogany 9/7.
    Our floor are Mexican Tarcotta ,
    Any suggestions?
  • Vernoy 08:39AM, Sep 14 2010 We are considering using this marble for kitchen counters but would like a complementary granite for the top of a freestanding piece of furniture. Any suggestions?