- Kinga 09:42PM, Aug 23 2011 Remember, granite is a natural product so will look slightly or completely different every time it’s mined. Would you be able to attach a photo of the one you currently have? It would be easier to provide you with our opinions or other wonderful alternatives if we had a better idea of what you are working with. Have you considered using a completely different stone on your island to give a dramatic contrast using a stone like Persian King or Zeus? Both of these stones would look fantastic with cherry cabinets as they would make a bold and dramatic statement. Let me know what you think!       http://www.Marmidicarrara.com
  • Decorationlady 04:16AM, Aug 20 2011 I currently have ivory chiffon on my counter with peach, taupe, rust,  and brown shadings. I need to find a complimentary granite for a 60 inch island.  I have cherry cabinets.  Most of the ivory chiffon granites I now see are too pink and class with mine. Any ideas?
  • Susan 03:31PM, Mar 18 2010 Do you have a gallery photo of this granite with cherry stained cabinets?
  • Beverly Pero 09:43PM, Aug 26 2009 I am interested in pricing this granite.