- Natalia 03:59PM, May 21 2012

My suggestion is a Scabos travertine in a subway tile. See attached photo. 

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    11:51AM, May 21 2012

    Since your granite is quite busy, I would recommend a soft backsplash like Shrimp & Grits or Honeyrose. Let me know what you think!

  • T S Mcmillan 02:00PM, May 20 2012

    I have dark cabinets (almost black) with lapidus granite. What backsplash would you recommend?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    09:37PM, Mar 7 2012

    We do not have a picture of a full backsplash Solarius granite. However, I can tell you that this combination would be quite a busy pattern with plenty of movement, so that's my only concern. I'd go on the safe side and use a neutral natural tile such as tumbled Noce travertine, as the Solarius countertops will already have plenty of veining in the stone. Hope this helps!

  • Wotring1 10:51PM, Mar 4 2012

    Looking at Solaris granite for countertops and wondering what it would look like with backsplash done as well. we are looking at 42 sq ft backsplash. Cannot decide to do entire kitchen in solaris or backsplash in tiles, etc

  • shelby 08:29PM, May 11 2011 We just had lapidus installed. The backsplash we bought does not look good at all! What would be a good choice of tile (natural or man made doesn't matter)? We are having a hard time picking a color. My husband this the backsplash needs to match the floor which is a light cream ceramic, but we like the darker tiles for the backsplash. What to do...
  • Judy Allen 07:17PM, Apr 26 2010 I would like to know what flooring would go with lapidus dark. Slate or travertine? What color?
  • Tamara 02:58PM, Feb 15 2010 We have red cherry with black glaze cabinets and plan on going with travertine looking tiles on floor. Would lapidus be a good granite choice?
  • Jane 08:58PM, Feb 13 2010 We have write kitchen cabinets and oak floors and are trying to decide between Juparana Juparana Yyara and lapidus. Can you hlep
  • Jack Andrejko 07:13PM, Feb 7 2010 Do you have any finished kithen photos using this granite (484R lapidus)?
  • Roseann 10:10AM, Feb 5 2010 We are doing our kitchen in a Maple cabinet. Color is Vanilla bean with a Tuscan glaze. Any suggestions on what color granite. We are doing counters and all the way up to the above cabinets.
  • Gary b 06:32AM, Jun 21 2009 Would lapidus look ok with cherry cabinets and white appliances?
  • redisgn 07:24PM, Mar 14 2009 I am changing the color of my cabinets to black, do you think that the golden lapidus would be a good countertop choice?
  • Lauren 10:15AM, Feb 22 2009 We have the same golden oak cabinetry it is funny we also went and got a sample of the lapidus and felt the same way it blends right into our cabinets and floors which are the same oak color. We have stainless steel appliances what stone do you think would be the ideal. Is Uba Tba a good choice?
  • Martha 12:29PM, Jan 19 2009 Ariete is a color for a travertine like natural stone. It's beige with brown, black and gray veining.
  • Martha 05:05PM, Jan 17 2009 Our master bath has maple cabinets with a burnished glaze finish. The floors and shower are ariete tile. Would Lapidius or Creme Bordeux be okay for the counters?
  • Bob Coffman 04:52PM, Jul 12 2008 We are looking to do our vanities and one bedroom countertop. if I sent you the carpentry demensions could I get a quote
  • solution 01:06AM, Jun 23 2008 I have golden oak cabinetry. Is Lapidus good color match for it? How about backsplash? Thanks.
  • Jamie Shahan 09:30AM, Dec 24 2007 I am looking for about 20 square feet of lapidus granite tile. Do you have tile and do you sell it in small quantities like this?