• HW 02:09AM, Jul 31 2013

    I need a countertop with the MOST white in it with nice shine. What granite color can you recommend? I like mica, the marble look and sparkle.my kitchen has no windows and we need to have brightness. if there is no good white granite, is there a quartz that fits the description? does it cost much more? I need it sometime after mid august.

  • Peter 02:42PM, Jul 19 2013

    Hi Renee, we are sold out!

  • renee 12:46PM, Jul 19 2013

    Do you have the Mandana Pali White in stock? I am looking for a very white granite - help! Thanks!

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    08:53PM, Aug 31 2012

    Hello Crystal! You can check out the Classic White online right here: 
     and we have the slabs in-stock at ALL of our locations, at the moment: www.Marmidicarrara.com

  • Crystal Choi 02:25AM, Aug 30 2012

    do you have any classic white? i don't see it online

  • Maribel 04:42PM, Mar 15 2011 Hello, I'm looking to crate a simple table top for a steel frame. I thought this one might work but I guess you are out. Any other recomendations? Also, in terms of price, what stones are more economical.
  • Erin 12:37PM, Feb 13 2011 Do you have this is inventory? If so' which locations?
  • valerie schuster 05:34PM, Feb 11 2011 I am planning a new kitchen and feel in love with the carra marble look with cream wht. cabinets. BUT I've heard the the Marble does not hold up as well as granite. I've cheeked all of your close marble looks and they all seem abit dark to me. White fantasy which I have a sample of seems dark and grayer then the look I want. How would the Mandana Pali White compare? Or do you have anyother material that would appear whiter?