- Derek 02:34PM, Jul 27 2011 The blue flecks in this stone will make the design shine, and provide a strong contrast to the light perimeter cabinets, while adding depth to the island. You can keep this stone for the whole kitchen, or as Kinga suggested, use a lighter color on the island to offset the rich cherry wood. Good luck!
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    03:03PM, Jul 26 2011 Jordyn,
    The Midnight Blue would look great against your cabinets. But have you considered using a different stone for the island like the Ambrosia White? I think it would be a beautiful center piece to use a wavy stone for the island to set it apart. Let me know what you think!
  • Jordyn 02:42PM, Jul 26 2011 We are remodling our kitchen with white base and wall cabinets, with a cherry island. Also, there will be a dark hardwood with reddish tone and stainless steel appliances. Would this countertop look good?
  • Sally 12:17AM, May 4 2010 Love midnight blue. I have dark wood floors and cabinets and stainless appliances. Will midnight blue match? Also what is the general price per square ft.? Would a white surround look ok if I use this also in the fireplace? What color would you paint your walls to match. Thanks, Sally
  • connie 09:06PM, Apr 23 2009 hi I have beautiful honey oak cabinets that we do not want to replace and we are in love with this midnight blue counter top!!!! What color wood flors would you suggest for the "wow factor". Thank you connie
  • Mayerling 04:01AM, Jun 4 2008 I have a new construction and in the process of kitchen selections, I love this midnight blue for my countertop but can't decide which cabinetry and floor would go better with it. Any suggestions?.