- Derek 09:48PM, Apr 27 2012

A Santa Cecilia shipment with peachy undertones such as the slab pictured on this page would surely be a nice, warm compliment against a light cabinet wood and would provide an excellent contrast for the dark hardwood flooring. Go for it! Just make sure to look at the full slabs in-person and pick your favorite one. 

  • Esp500 09:30PM, Apr 27 2012

    Hi We are updating our kitchen.  We are painting our cabinents a slight off white color.  Do you think this santa cecelia would work with than and a darker hard wood floor?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    06:28PM, Dec 17 2011 In addition to Derek’s suggestions, you can add decorative tiles or boarders to spice up the design. Good luck!
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    08:19PM, Dec 7 2011 On the backsplash, I'd use a soft, natural stone tile such as tumbled Rhine travertine or Botticino Fiorito marble. These tiles are warm and not overly busy to keep the focus and attention on your Santa Cecilia granite. I've attached image examples for your reference.
  • gailo 07:04PM, Dec 2 2011 We have Santa Cecelia Lite countertops and are ready to do a wall backsplash between countertop and undercabinet. Should we keep the color plain so as to not compete with the granite? We are having trouble agreeing on colors for the backsplash.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    04:58PM, Sep 27 2011 You're going in the right direction. The Santa Cecilia family of stones will create a warm and airy feel for your kitchen. Some other options worth checking out are Giallo Napoleone and New Venetian Gold.
  • Melanie1177 04:33AM, Sep 24 2011 I have coastal white cabinets with a toupe glaze...i am really struggling with what granite to choose i looked at santa cecilia light and classic..would these be a good choose or should i go in another direction?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    01:19PM, Sep 21 2011 Absolutely!  The Santa Cecila would be a perfect choice for your cabinets. Go for it!
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    07:23PM, Sep 20 2011 Absolutely. Also check out the "Santa Cecilia Real" variety. Both are solid and timeless options.
  • Vin_kitty 02:44PM, Sep 20 2011 Will st Cecelia light go well with birch cabinets in cinnamon and dark walnut finish hardwood flooring
  • Jill 03:50PM, Apr 9 2011 I have cherry cabinets and Santa Cecilia light granite in my kitchen. Now I need to choose a tile for the backsplash. Any suggestions??? Thanks!
  • Allison 10:52AM, Nov 27 2010 Thanks! A few more questions & I promise I'll stop bothering you! with the Noce Travertine Tumbled Tile, do you think their porousness would make them dirt & grease magnets and hard to clean, especially as a kitchen backsplash? Also, I'm in NC and am sure I won't be in CT, NJ, etc., is there a possibility I could have a sample shipped to me? I'd be glad to pay any associated cost.
  • Allison 05:03PM, Nov 26 2010 Also, do you know where I could get a sample of the Santa Cecilia Light granite?
  • Allison 05:02PM, Nov 26 2010 We will be using Santa Cecilia LIght in our kitchen with the Seacrest 2 Birch cabinet in Clove from Quality Cabinets. (http://www.qualitycabinets.com/products/door-styles/woodstar/seacrest2/birch/clove/index.html). We will have slightly lighter hardwood floors with highlights that match the color of the cabinets. Can you recommend a backsplash tile? I had seen where you recommended Noce Travertine Tumbled Tile for the Santa Cecilia and was wondering if you would recommend the same for the light?
  • Melanie 06:01PM, Jul 24 2010 Hello - do you think this St. Cecilia Light would go well with black appliances and oak cabinets (honey spice with mocha highlights). The floor tiles are a swirled pattern of various shades of grays and mauve.
  • lee 05:22PM, Nov 13 2009 Do you then think cherry would look better than maple?I need to make my final decision and just checking all of my options. Thanks again for your help!
  • lee 07:57PM, Nov 12 2009 Do you think neutral cherry kitchen cabinets would look good with tigerwood on the floor? I am also thinking of ubatuba for countertop. I need your help> Thanks so much!!
  • Sharlene 11:41AM, Nov 9 2009 Thanks for suggestion. Actually liked a couple of other Santa Cecilia that have less yellow and some burgundy. What would you recommend if I wanted to go with something in the green range?
  • Sharlene 09:38PM, Nov 8 2009 Have maple floors, bisque appliances, and will be refacing cabinets with new Shaker style doors all to be painted light sage green. Kitchen only has 1 window with very indirect light. Would this be too dark or otherwise not look good?
  • Liz 09:37PM, Sep 25 2009 Can you suggest a paint color that would go well w/S.C. light. Our cabinets are medium maple (pecan) and the appliances are white. Thanks.
  • Sam 12:05AM, Jul 26 2009 I'm sorry to keep asking questions about the floor, but that's the last component in the remaking of our kitchen. Everything else is done, and we want it to look right. Do you have any recommendations on a wood species that might look good with our S. C. Light counter and Red Oak cabinets. There's also the Tigerwood floor in the living room to consider as well. Did I mention the wall is a very light pink?
  • Sam 06:57PM, Jul 12 2009 I have Santa Cecilia Light countertops with Natural Red Oak cabinetry. Do you have any recommendations for flooring? I have Tigerwood floors in our adjacent living room.
  • Rick 12:54PM, Sep 16 2008 What type of stain on maple cabinets to go best with Santa Cecilia Light c/top and Oak hardwood floors?