- Derek 03:44PM, May 25 2012

I feel like the Sugar Brown's deep, rustic golden brown hues complement and pick up the flooring as well as cabinets quite nicely. Go for it!

  • Chris 06:44PM, May 24 2012

    The color of my cabinets is called golden oak. My new hardwood floors color is hickory latte. My appliances are black. Will this color be alright in my kitchen?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:10PM, Apr 10 2012

    Well, the Absolute Black and Giallo Ornamental are two colors that take you in totally opposite design directions. I'm leaning toward the Absolute Black for you as it's sleek and elegant; in addition I get a feel that you're attracted to this stone more. As a plus, this choice seldom needs to be sealed and it's very durable so it seems like a perfect choice for the condo.

  • Keisha L Clark-proctor 11:56PM, Apr 6 2012

    I am in the process of buying a condo. The cabinets are mahogoney....the only ganite options I've been given that I don't hate are absolute black tan brown and giallo ornamental. I'm not fond of tan black because it blens in with the cabinets...would you recommend absolute black or gialo ornamental? The designer recommended giallo veneziano but I don't like pink undertones. Any suggestions? Also do you have a location near Bowie Md?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:20PM, Feb 14 2012 Sugar Brown is quite an appropriate choice and it's a durable granite. Some other dark options that are known to be low maintenance, low porosity, and strong are Ubatuba and Absolute Black.
  • Sam0729 04:47PM, Feb 8 2012 We are doing a bar top in our house.  The bar is cherry wood.  The floor is a beige tile and the rest of the furniture including the pool table is mahogeny.  Would this granite be durable for a bar top or do you have any other suggestions for color and durability?
  • joyce matlack 07:13PM, Jan 23 2011 is this located in Dallas??? Joyce