- Derek 08:07PM, Sep 7 2011 You're welcome! I'm glad to be of service.
  • Kathy 07:52PM, Sep 7 2011 Thanks so much Derek.   The table was very helpful and reduced the panic level.   
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    06:51PM, Sep 7 2011 Kathy, please do not worry. The quality of both of these variations of Tan Brown is comparable. That's all they really are, just variations of the same stone. It's the same family of stones. Tan Brown Classic is actually less expensive, because it's more common, and less desirable because it has more grey undertones than the regular Tan Brown that you've chosen. Therefore, it can be said that the regular "Tan Brown" that you've chosen is actually the more attractive stone out of the two. I've created a Comparison Table for your reference, hope this helps: http://www.Marmidicarrara.com
  • Kathy 03:34PM, Sep 7 2011 I chose Tan Brown for kitchen countertop.  I have not placed my order to date; however, I am concerned if this choice is a lower grade than the Tan Brown CLASSIC.  Please advise if there is a major difference in appearance.
  • Donna 09:07AM, May 25 2011 Would it be possible to use some mosaic or glass tiles along with the noce travetine subway tiles as an accent ? Any other suggestions to use as accents?
  • Donna 08:20AM, May 24 2011 I appreciate your feedback. Now for the backsplash and paint. I think I should go light? Stone, mosaic or glass or a combination?? what do you think would work best?
  • Donna 12:26PM, May 23 2011 One more question: You responded that red oak flooring would go with my dark cherry cabinets and tan brown granite. I wondered which stain I should select for the red oak?
  • Donna 10:32AM, May 19 2011 I have dark cherry cabinets and have chosen chestnut granite which seems to look much like the tan/brown with black gray and chestnut brown in it. I am trying to decide between hardwood and porcelin tile flooring. I really like wood but not sure if it would go or which color to use ? light cherry or red oak?
  • Robert 06:44PM, Mar 3 2011 How would this go with beech cabinets?
  • michael13 07:20AM, Feb 28 2011 Just picked Tan Brown for upstairs bathroom. Black cabinets, but tan toilet & tub. Wife thinking about black sink with countertop (chrome faucets). Like black sink but thought always better to match sink, tub & toilet yes?
  • Krystine Mosier 03:46PM, Dec 19 2010 I have biscotti colored cabinets, black appliances and medium to dark wood floor and am torn between tan brown or tropical brown countertops - what do you think?
  • Nancy t 02:23PM, Mar 10 2010 I have cream cabinet, chocolate island, and brazilian cherry floor, and wall is light tan. We have five granite color selections-New venetian gold, tropical brown, ubatuba, black ubatuba and tan brown. Which one will fit the best?