- Natalia 04:38PM, Jun 28 2012

Stunning choice! The deep warm highlights in the Taupe Gold will make the countertop a focal point of your kitchen design as it shines against the creme cabinetry. For the backsplash, an interesting stone and glass mosaic in a random strip would look very nice. I've attached a photo for you to visualize and for later reference. You're on the right track!

  • Sueperwoman7 09:43PM, Jun 23 2012

    Hi ...how would taupe gold look with creme glazed cabinets, med. brown wood floors...what backsplash would you recommend?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    04:33PM, Mar 29 2012

    In addition to Derek’s wonderful backsplash suggestions, check out Crema Marfil Classico Split Face Mosaic. Let us know what you end up choosing!

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    03:59PM, Mar 29 2012

    Taupe Gold is an exciting granite with warm highlights and subtle, soothing movement throughout the slabs. This color would compliment your cherry cabinetry quite nicely. For the backsplash tile, my recommendations are options such as Sienna Gold 1" x 2" polished mosaic, or Crema Marfil marble with Emperador Dark inserts for an interesting direction. I've attached pictures for your reference. Hope this helps!

  • Eahceh 04:42PM, Mar 25 2012

    HI ,

    I have cherry cabinets with a sable finish.  I am considering golden toupe counter tops.  Your opinion?  Also do you have a suggestion for backsplash tile and wall paint?
    Thank you.

  • sher 03:30PM, Aug 25 2010 I have a smaller kitchen and considering putting an island approx 40X52 I need to keep my current cabinets of honey oak,( which I do not particularly like and might end up having them painted cream colored also ) and would like to put a cream colored island in. I would continue the oak flooring in natural.to match te adjoining rooms and keep continuity. Would the grain of the oak and granite be too busy or do you have any suggestions? also what color walls and what backsplash would you suggest?