- Derek 02:07PM, May 9 2012

Hello Jessica. I'm leaning toward a warm brownish shade such as Toffee for a nice compliment to the Mocha maple cabinetry. Make sure to look at slabs of both choices in-person before making a final decision. Good luck!

  • Jessica 03:18AM, May 9 2012

    Looking to renovate our kitchen and we chose a Mocha finish for the new maple cabinets. I'm not sure if it would be a better choice to go with Toffee or maybe like a Royal Cream. We bought white appliances and the floor is a ceramic light beige tile. Any suggestions?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    04:14PM, Apr 10 2012

    The three images featured on this page are actually all the same slab of Toffee. The top image is a micro close up view, the middle is a regular close up, and the bottom photo is the full slab view. This stone is a pretty new delivery and it's just gorgeous - very warm brownish-golden shade. I feel that the Toffee would compliment your cabinet color very nicely and it's dark enough for an efficient contrast. The Imperial Coffee might be too stark of a contrast. I also recommend to look at Tropical Brown. To make the final decision, make sure to look at the full slabs in-person and acquire actual samples to put against your cabinetry in the kitchen light to see how you enjoy the various combinations. From that point, use process of elimination and decide this way. Good luck!

  • Coolrabit 11:12AM, Apr 10 2012

    This could be a great choice for my canvas with cocoa glaze cabinets.  Thinking about a woodlook laminate floor.  Can you tell me what the difference amoung the 3 samples shown here are.  I am new at this and I keep changing my mind from the darker such as imperial coffee to the softer less dramatic look.  What I think I find is that I am not attracted to the "dotty" real loose speckled look like an animal print.  The richer looks appeal to me more.  What direction I am going for?  I need to decide this soon as my cabinets are due May 1st.  Yikes, I feel pressured.  Help!