- Derek 06:26PM, Sep 1 2011 White Vermont is technically categorized as a granite, because it's comparable in durability to granite. It's been used extensively in kitchen application with good results. It's however softer than Blue Pearl, that's one of the stronger granite's. Hope this helps.
  • Ms484 06:22PM, Aug 31 2011 Are you sure this is Granite?  it's listed on your site as a marble.  How would this compare to blue peal for instance as far as usability for a kitchen.  Is it more porous than blue pearl, softer, stronger, etc?
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:39PM, Jul 5 2011 A similar stone is "Moon Night". It's available in Ridgefield Park, NJ and Deer Park, NY locations if you're interested.
  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Kinga
    01:44PM, Jul 5 2011 The South Plainfield, NJ location carries this stone but keep in mind it sells out very, very fast. For pricing and availability, please contact their sales office.
  • Richard 12:28PM, Jul 5 2011 Do you have any in stock?
  • Lori 01:28AM, Jun 1 2011 Do you have any slabs of White Vermont in stock in any of your locations? I am closest to Deer Park but will take the ride to NJ. Also do you "hold" slabs once purchased?
  • Wendy 08:31PM, Nov 30 2010 Do you know what other names this marble may be called? I've looked at some slabs with the name of White River Marble, but it looked just like this White Vermont.
  • Sameer 08:33PM, Aug 23 2010 How susceptable is vermont white to staining and etching? is it more like marble or granite?
  • gary ansel 02:37PM, Nov 23 2009 68 sq.ft. of vermont White
  • amanda 05:16PM, Nov 18 2009 How do I buy this? does it come installed?
  • Susan 10:45PM, Nov 9 2009 I picked up a sample of 714R from you a few weeks ago. Can you tell me its name?
  • Linda 03:47PM, Oct 24 2009 Is this granite or marble and what number is it, ie, is it a 2,3,4...price point?