/locations This material is very durable and totally non-porous so it never needs to be sealed like natural stone. For pricing on this exclusive quartz material, you must contact the South Plainfield sales office directly with the measurements you require: www.Marmidicarrara.com

  • Clairmontfc 04:00AM, Jan 29 2013

    Have you used this stone in the field yet? If so do you have photos?

  • Clairmontfc 03:59AM, Jan 29 2013

    This engineered stone is very interesting. Is it possible to get a small sample? Is this stone stronger, less porous than marble? Does it stain like Marble? how much is it per sq ft?

  • Marmidicarrara.com
    - Derek
    02:00PM, Mar 15 2012

    This is a Santa Margherita quartz line of product, so it's a durable engineered stone that does not require sealing and it's low maintenance. This color would look very attractive against a cherry island. If you're looking for a creme marble look and style, then the M5 Botticino stone is very appropriate. For granite options, I'd look at Astoria and Ivory Fantasy. Good luck!

  • Ccrane 01:01PM, Mar 12 2012

    What is the upkeep on this product?  Considering using on a cherry island.
    Perimeter cabinets will be antique white with leather black pearl counters.
    Any suggesstions?